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Message from the Rector

In an ever changing world where knowledge dictates the spate of development of a country’s manpower and by extension it’s economy, it is imperative that knowledge in relevant fields is sought in conformity with the forces of demand and supply.

Besides, the increasing depletion of oil reserves, dwindling income and the harrowing effects of over dependence on a one – time money spinner has created a lacuna in a once burgeoning economy.  Thus, there is an urgent need to diversify the nation’s economy and create opportunities for yielding investments in other money spinning sectors such as Tourism. The reason is simple; Tourism is leisure and leisure is inevitable. In order for the process of diversification to be holistic, a knowledge bank must be set up to afford the citizenry a smooth sail into this new plank of sustainable development.

It is in view of the aforementioned that the International Institute of Tourism and Hospitality was established by the Bayelsa State government in 2012, to train both middle and senior level manpower within and outside the country.

The International Institute of Tourism And Hospitality is a trailblazing institution in the hospitality industry. It is a place for innovation, capacity building, manpower development and the acquisition of vocational skills alongside a cluster of related courses aimed at fully equipping its graduates to satisfactorily provide skilled and professional services for the emerging hospitality sector in Nigeria and the World at large. As an institute of international repute, it is poised to raise men and women of excellence with outstanding academic performance and a penchant for proficiency, efficiency and professionalism; given its team if well qualified education and high quality instructional equipment.

As much as the institute places a high premium on academic excellence, it has an elevated interest in entrepreneurial development which is a key component in the quest for self reliance and sustainability. Thus the menace of cultism, drug addiction, theft and other related vices would be curbed to the bare minimum. It would also, in no small measure reduce over dependence on government and create employment opportunities for the teeming youths of Bayelsa State and beyond.

In compliance with the demands of 21st century education, the institute has joined the global spectrum of e- education with the launch of this website and Facebook page which has alerted the virtual community of our enriching and affordable services. In the years to come, registration, lectures and grading would be done online as well.

 The International Institute of Tourism and hospitality is a citadel of learning; a centre for behavioural change and character moulding; a pedestal for moral uprightness, values and spiritual orientation – a step away from stereotypical education to professional education, training and certification. 


 Chief Timi Johnson