Office of the Rector

The Rectory is the apex of the administrative and academic organization of the Institute. The retinues of other officers which are grouped under the close supervision of the Rector make the Rectory. These are the Rector’s immediate supporting administrative and secretarial staff.

The following Divisions/ Units are also domiciled in the office of the Rector:

Academic Planning Division

The Unit is headed by an Academic Planning Officer and is responsible to the Management in ensuring quality of all academic programmes mounted by the Institute.

Internal Audit Division

This Division which is headed by a Chief Internal Auditor [CIA] , it involves the certification of all payment vouchers, verification of goods and equipment supplied to various departments and store in the Institute. It is also expected to check and reconcile all projects and domestic accounts, safeguard Institute assets, certify all payment vouchers apart from checking and monitoring of delivery of fuel, oil and diesel at various deports. It also carries out other duties as directed by the Rector.

Security Unit

This unit, headed by a Chief Security Officer, is charged with the duties of protection of lives and properties; maintenance of peaceful conduct of activities on the campus and ensuring the reduction of crime to the bare minimum. This is carried out by uniformed guards and information gathering by the intelligence section which also investigate reported cases