Medical Services

The department has the following units:

Medical Unit

The Medical Doctors, whose functions are:

Clinical consultation

Handling of medical Emergencies

Medical Counseling

Follow up cases

Advise on health Nutrition

Health education

Laboratory Investigation

Radiology Investigation

Drug prescription

Treatment of ailment (minor surgical procedure, ear syringing)

Referral to secondary provider

Issue medical certificate

Screening of Institute prospective students

Clinical presentation

Ward round for lying-in patients

Admission and discharge

Pharmacy Unit

The pharmacy functions are as follows:

(1) Controlling and costing drug to patients.

(2) Dispensing prescription to in-and-out patients.

(3) Counseling and keeping the prescription records as required by the law.

(4) The Pharmacy department offers a responsible pharmaceutical care to patients which are individualized ensuring that the patient receives adequate treatment with realistic humanistic, economic and therapeutic goals.

(5) Maintaining drug stores and keeping relevant store records: this includes ensuring drug storage and issuance of drugs from the main store to all dispensing outlets in the department and other departments of the medical centre.

(6) Monitoring and controlling the insurance and dispensary controlled drugs to the drug poison act.

(7) Providing technical information and advice on drug to relevant professional staff.

(8) Training and supervision of pharmacist corps members.

(9)   Coordinating, execution and implementation of drug revolving fund.

(10) Serving as a member of departmental tender board.
Nursing Services Unit

-Health education-giving advice on personal and environmental hygiene.

– Counseling of patients depending on need e.g. physical, social, mental, emotional needs and family planning.

– Carry out immunization programmes.

– Give dietary advice as need be.

– Follow up care.

– Monitoring of vital signs.

– Weighing of patient height measurement.

– Selection of cases for immediate management.

– History taking and patient orientation.

– Giving of treatment- administration of prescribed drugs.

– Giving of emergency care e.g. arrest of haemorrhage, resuscitation of patients     e.g. in states of shock, asthmatic attack.

– Pre and post operative care of patients.

– Psychotherapy.

– Oral care and feeding of patients.

– Wound dressings.

– Assisting doctors in medical procedures.

– Collection of specimens for ward routine tests and laboratory investigations.

– Supervision/maintenance of ward cleanliness.

– Last office for diseased patients.

– Maintenance of Aseptic technique.

– Preparation of surgical materials e.g. Gauze, cotton wool, drapes.

– Gowns, instruments etc.

– Sterilization of instruments/surgical materials.

– Examination of patients’ e.g. vaginal/Rectal examination.

– Also feature as members of health team during matriculation /convocation ceremonies and sport events.

  Laboratory Unit

This is an important arm of the Diagnostics unit. They maintain good quality control to ensure correct diagnosis. The Medical Laboratory has developed from carrying out simple laboratory tests to complex one in various areas of Medical Lab. Tests, because of the new equipment available to the Laboratory.

Medical Records

This is the custodian of patient’s records. They can also help in statistics and research whenever necessary. Duties in card room

(1) Pulling out folders and filling it back, after seeing the doctor.

(2) Sending folders to doctors, after checking their BP or Vital Signs by the nurses.

(3) Opening of folders for staffs, non-staff and students.

(4) Writing of folders for staff and students.

(5) Screening of students – The student come with photocopies of school fees receipt and tow passport. At that they will see the doctor for their clearance.

(6) Directing patients where they will pay for their drugs various and laboratory investigations.

(7) Updating the daily clinic attendance register.
Environmental Health Unit
This Unit is responsible for insect and pest control on the campus. Refuse collection and effective waste disposal, cleaning of hostels and food canteen on the campus.