The library is organised into three main divisions – collection development, readers’ services and technical services.  Each division has sections/units.  Collection development has Acquisition Unit; Readers services has Reference, Circulation, Serial/Special collection, Reprographic Units; and Technical services has Cataloguing and Audio visual Units.  All the sections work hand-in-hand to achieve the goals of the library system.  The Units are also interrelated or interdependent for effective administration and the use of the library materials.

Lending policy

The Library lends books to all categories of students [full-time and part-time] and staff [academic and administrative]. The lending policy is such that a staff could borrow six [6] books for four [4] weeks; and renewable when no other user needs same.  In case of regular loan, a student could borrow four [4] books for two [2] weeks.  On the other hand, for reserved books, one [1] book per student for two [2] hours is allowed.

Professional Services offered by the Library

The library offers the following services to ensure maximum use of its facilities by members of the academic community [i.e. both staff and students].

  1. Loaning and borrowing library materials to entitled students who are duly registered in the library on regular, short-term and weekend loans while staff are allowed same, including long-term loans.
  2. Reference services are offered to staff, students and external users. Provision of answers to reference queries and interpretation of library of library resources to users.  Research assistance is also provided for lecturers and students having projects.
  3. Reservation of heavily used books which are limited in copies at the reserve or short-time loan section of the library to ensure proper circulation.
  4. Recall service – Any book or material borrowed may be recalled at any time if need arises.
  5. Research, and bibliographic sources – Lecturer with research topics and students with projects and term papers to write are given literature search services and further guidance on how to write projects and on citation methods.
  6. Inter-library loan – Materials on request, which are not held on the library, can be obtained for users from sister libraries.
  7. National Library inter-library lending request and British Library lending division coupons – these are suitable for journals articles, research reports and books which cannot be easily located in Nigeria.  This service is free of charge to users.
  8. Photocopying service – this service is provided at a much less  subsidised rate.
  9. Library orientation programme – This is offered to newly admitted students to acquaint them with the operations and services rendered,  physical facilities, rules and regulations, etc